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Devinez SHAMAMA ATTAR, Alcohol Free, Roll On, 12 ml

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The tremendous attar of sandalwood shamama is obtained through the traditional method of Hydro-distillation process. This attar is completely organic and pure due to the natural process used for its extraction. The sandalwood shamama attar is world famous due to its long lasting spicy fragrance and remarkable healing properties. This miraculous attar is derived from the extracts of sandalwood which has originated from India. It contains the essential elements which provide the calming and soothing effects to get relaxed and stress free body and mind. The mesmerizing fragrance of this pure attar widely used by the perfume manufactures in the production of various exclusive perfumes and scents.


One Roll-On Filling cum Applicator bottle (Free) A free roll-on applicator cum filling bottle is been provided with the attar bottle which can be refilled and used as much as desired It has a very calming, elevating and a soothing aroma.

Ittar (Hindi/Urdu) also known as Attar (Arabic: عطر‎) is a natural perfume oil derived from botanical sources. Most commonly these oils are taken from the botanical material through hydro or steam distillation. Oils can also be expressed by chemical means but generally natural perfumes which qualify as Ittar/ Attars are distilled naturally. The oils obtained from the herbs flowers and wood are generally distilled into a wood base and then aged. The aging period can last from one to ten years depending on the botanicals used and the results desired. Natural perfumes are affordable because they are so concentrated that a small bottle will last the user several weeks, if not months. This is one of the oldest natural fragrant materials, nearly 5000 years old. Some of the first lovers of Ittars were the Mughal nobles of India.

  • 12 ml, Pure Attar
  • Alcohol Free