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Devinez Bleached Rattan Reed Sticks/ Refill Pack for Reed Diffuser, 5 inches, 4mm , Set of 100

Rs. 308.00 Regular price Rs. 499.00
  • Unique & Decorative
  • Bleached Rattan Reed Sticks
  • Cream Color, Pack of 100 Sticks
  • 5 inches x 4mm
  • The reeds last for a long time, but need to be changed each time you change the fragrance oil in your diffuser. If you utilize an old one then you will be merging scents. These products are accessible in packs because you need to use more then on reed for each diffuser.

Rattan reed is an excellent choice for diffuser sticks due to its superior wicking ability. Just pour some of your favorite fragrance oil inside a vessel and insert the reed sticks. The oil will be absorbed by the reeds, drawn up and evaporate into the air. We use precise automatic cutter to cut rattan into different sizes of diffuser reeds (rattan sticks) to assure the exactly round incision of each piece of our diffuser reeds and the excellent diffusible property. Strict anti-mildew and anti-insect process assure exactly no mildew and insect free of our diffuser reeds