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Devinez Natural Science kaya Ayurvedic Anti-Cellulite & Slimming Oil with Tea Tree Oil

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Devinez kaya Ayurvedic Anti-Cellulite & Slimming Oil helps in reducing cellulite and toning the body. When you massage the natural oil in a circular motion, they break down dimpled looking fatty deposits sitting right underneath the skin. This Oil is free from mineral oil and contains 12 Ayurvedic herbs like Harad, Baheda, Turmeric and Tea tree etc. which is known to fight stubborn fat. It gives your skin a fresher and youthful appearance. Ayurvedic herbs present in Devinez Kaya Slimming Oil are known as per Ayurvedic text to have good impact on weight management. Harad or Hartaki helps to get rid of ama (sticky waste product of digestion) from bowels, helps to detoxify body. Amla helps to reduce constipation thereby supporting weight loss when combined with healthy lifestyle. Rock salt is a laxative and helps to clear digestive tract. All these herbs may help to convert fat into fatty acids to be carried by blood and lymph nodes and thereby toning body.

Suitable for all Skin Types: Suitable for all Skin Types (Men & Women)


Use this oil, with a healthy lifestyle to speed up the toning process 

  • Helps in reducing cellulite and wrinkles
  • This unique oil helps to fight stubborn fat
  • Gives your skin a fresher and youthful appearance
  • Helps in improving the appearance of wrinkles and marks


Ayurvedic herbs like Harad, Baheda, Amla, Ricinus Communis, Soleum nigrum linn, Zingiber officinale Roscone, Sesamum Indicum Linn, Sodii chloridum, Tea tree oil, Linum usitatissimum linn, Rosmarinus offcinais etc.

Direction for use

Apply Ayurvedic Slimming Oil on fatty areas, typically around your tummy, thighs & upper arms. Massage for 10-12 minutes twice a day, to dissolve the excess fatty tissues, followed by hot towel fomentation for 5-10 minutes.

No harmful chemicals

Our products do not contain any chemicals that may cause damage to your health

No Minerals (Bhasma, Pishti etc.)

No Excipient

No Artificial Fragrance