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Devinez Bhringraj Oil, 210ml - 100% Pure & Organic, Natural, Undiluted For Hair Growth & Premature Greying, Dandruff & Scalp care, Dry Hair & Split Ends, Hair Growth

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Bhringraj is great for treating various skin problems like acne, cracked heels, sunburn, minor skin allergies etc. This oil also helps in faster healing of wounds. Apply Bhringraj oil directly on the affected area and keep it for 1 hour. Wash off using mild soapy water. Do this continuously for a few days to see results. In case of acne, you may add little oil in any of your DIY homemade face masks.

To use Bhringraj oil for making your hair healthy, warm some Bhringraj oil and apply it on your hair and scalp. Massage for sometime, say 15-20 minutes and then keep it overnight or 4 hours. Wash off using mild shampoo and repeat 2 times a week.

Bhringraj has lots of benefits for your hair. Because of its immense benefits, it is considered as a complete tonic for hair problems.

Bhringraj oil, with regular usage helps to completely eradicate dandruff. It is anti-fungal and antibacterial hence it kills dandruff-causing fungus and some opportunistic bacteria that reside on the scalp responsible for some scalp disorders. Apart from this, this oil also moisturizes the scalp that prevents scalp flaking due to dry weather.

Product Description

Most of the dermatologists prescribe Bhringraj hair oil for hair treatment as it can easily penetrate in to the hair follicles and scalp. As a result, your hair will grow faster by applying this oil. Bhrigaraj is a medical herb and this is seen growing in many parts of the world.Bhrigaraj or Eclipta Alba is known for its multiple health benefits. This Oil is excellent for hair and used widely as an all-round hair tonic. Bhringraj is greatly beneficial for the scalp and hair and is considered as one of the best natural oil that you can use regularly on your hair.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool and a dry place.
  • Keep out of reach from children and pets.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • If swallowed by mistake, kindly seek medical advice immediately.
  • Keep away from flame, heat and ignition sources.
  • Always conduct a patch test on the inner arm before using; do not use if redness or irritation occurs.
  • Do not ingest.