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Devinez Multipurpose Anodized Aluminum Empty Bottle, 1000ml with B Drop Nozzle & Cap with Seal, for Beauty, Essential Oils, Blends, Skin Care, Travel, Toners, Cosmetic & DIY

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  • Known for being light in weight and corrosion & alcohol resistant, these bottles are offered in several designs and sizes. The bottles offered by us are not only fancy looking, but are also leak proof. Aluminum Essential Oil Bottles can be used for undiluted or diluted essential oils, but also other cosmetics that come in liquid form. They are also great for storing small amounts of perfume that can easily be carried around.

  • Essential oils that are undiluted should not be stored in plastic containers. The reasoning for this is because the oils can break down the plastic and cause holes or leaks that ruin the product. Aluminum is more expensive than plastic, but it will work best for undiluted essential oils. In addition to being able to house the oils without risk of disintegration, the aluminum can also resist stains from colored oils.

  • Sleek design: These Silver color, empty, refillable and reusable Aluminium bottles with B Drop Nozzle are for multipurpose use. Simply open the neck of bottle by twisting and fill with suitable liquid, and start using the it. Once over, simply refill again and use.

  • Specially designed to store - Perfumes, Oils, Essential Oils, Active Oils, Perfume Oils, Attars, Massage Oils, Pain relief Oils, Cleaning Liquids. Travel friendly or for daily use at Gym, Airline/Train/Bus/Car/Bike Travel, Office, Home, Kitchen, Outdoors, camping, for pets, DIY activity.

  • Environment-friendly: This refillable bottle contains zero poisonous making sure no hazards seep into your products. Each bottle in this product pack is durable and reusable. Remember to clean it after the first time using and store it well.